Swim Products: For Colin Bull Customers ONLY

To order any of the items below, just phone 01372 739 600.

Or Email colin@cbswimming.co.uk

Your items will be brought to your next lesson for collection.

Payment by cheques or cash on delivery.



Long tube float used for children and adults

Available in yellow blue red or green.

£12.50 each


Body Belt

Blocks of floats attached to a belt fixed around the waist blocks can be removed as they progress enables swimmer to use arms and legs freely.

£12.50 each


Blue Feet

Cover to go over shoes to prevent outdoor dirt coming on to the side of the pool.

£0.75p a pair


Award Files

Waterproof folder to store certificates and badges

Limited stock available



Arm Bands

To support upper body. Children’s sizes 2-12 years.

Adult sizes also available.

£8.00 per disc


Kick Float

£6.50 each


Swimming Pool Sinkers

These colourful rings can be easily seen underwater so are excellent for use in diving activities.

£10.99 a set