Being the youngest in my family I followed my brother’s footsteps and started swimming lessons with Colin at Downsend when I was 2 years old. I am now 20 years of age and have been involved with Colin Bull swimming all my life.

Thanks to Colin’s teaching and encouragement I now work for Colin as a fully qualified swimming teacher for all ages and abilities. All I want to do is pass my knowledge and experience on to others.


My daughter, Bobbie, started swimming with Colin in 2007 aged 8 and could not swim a stroke. Within her first term she gained confidence, water awareness and picked up the basic ability to swim 3 different strokes.

I had tried to teach her myself before coming to Colin Bull without success, once she started lessons the progress was amazing. She loved the rewards of the certificates which encouraged her to continue.

She is now a confident deep end swimmer and can swim all 4 strokes using proper technique and style.

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